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Remind you that the government has clear regulations on child safety seats that require young children between the ages of one and four and weighing between 10 and 18 kilograms to sit in the safety seats in the back seat of the vehicle, facing forward.

In accordance with article 2 1 of the Road Traffic Safety Management Penalty Ordinance, children under four years of age and under 18 kg shall be given child safety seats in minibuses, while infants under one year of age or weighing less than ten kilograms shall be placed in the back seat of the car for infant beds

At present, there are three types of child safety seats, 0-1 years old for basket-type or rear-facing child safety seats, 1-4 years old for the more common forward-type child safety seats, 4-12 years old for cushioned child safety seats.

Up to 2 child safety seats can be placed per car

If you need 2, please change the quantity to 2, thank you.

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