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Welcome to buy the sky trip airport shuttle service, professional intentions, on time and peace of mind.

This car is a 4-seat car, the number of passengers up to 4, children are also counted as 1.

Flight information.

  • Taoyuan Airport pick-up service, please inform the answer of the following relevant information
  • Pick up or drop off, be sure to choose.
  • Flight information (flight number, number of airlines, airlines)
  • Date and time of boarding (pick-up please leave time of flight arrival)
  • Whether late at night time (00:00 -06:00 need to be charged 100 yuan)
  • Type of car served (no car can be specified)
  • Please leave a complete address to get on and off.
  • Please leave the number of luggage in the notes and what you would like to know.
  • The way to connect, such as the ID of the line and line or to leave a phone to make it easier for the driver to connect with you.
  • Child safety seats and airport badges, please purchase additional services.

If you have special needs, please fill in the comments column, we will have someone to contact you, temporary booking please contact us by the following way

    Trouble to fill in the details clearly, the order will be immediately after you arrange a driver, will also directly contact you to inform the dispatch situation.

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